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Selected Descent D



Performed live in the event 'Brick & Mortar' part of Strange Love festival, Brewery Tap Project Space, Folkestone.

Soil, saliva, duct tape and wooden plank.

Small acts of spitting and churning making way for a final action.


Legs bound, fall embraced. 

Photographs by Josh Jordan



Revolve orangeriet-30.jpg
Revolve orangeriet-32.jpg
Revolve orangeriet-31.jpg

Performed to a live audience, Orbyhus, Sweden part of REVOLVE festival Performance Art Days 

Building up and forward towards an intended backwards descent, resulting in structural collapse and eventual residue which was held for a period of time in through stillness

Photographs by Marcel Van Helvoort


Engine Oil and Brick Fragments


Performed live to camera, London.

Brick fragments & Engine Oil

Body and face to the floor, moving forward.

Self built intimacy between artist and chosen material. As a result of this, leaving residue on the body and floor as not only evidence but a measurement of the physical process.

Photographs by Nigel Rolfe

tree, rope, blade


Performed to camera through self constructed setup, Folkestone, Kent Landscape.

Interference of rope through hacking, resulting in voluntary descent.

stool, rope, car


Performed to camera, on a country lane, Kent UK.

Stool leg forcibly removed through use of a car that exists outside of the frame.

Filmed by Joel Snowman



Collaboration with artist Ashley-Louise Mcnaughton.


Performed to camera, overlooking the channel, Dover, Kent UK. 

Extension of previous action through collaboration.

Hessian rope

Filmed by Joel Snowman



Performed in the live event 'Here I am there you are', part of Art Licks weekend, London.

Soot, tongue and chalk

Photographs by Ray Ren



Performed during live a situation, workshop, London

Pub type stool, wonky leg, rope, brick, brick dust

Photographs by Gustaf Broms & Nigel Rolfe

Selected Descent B


Chosen, temporary support. Discarded when needed.

Performed to camera, existing as a document.

Selected Descent A


Performed in the live event S P I T T I N G D I S T A N C E

Cow-matter and turf, explored and held silently at floor level.


Photographs by Josh Jordan Photography



Performed in the live event 'Tobo Performance konst', Sweden.

Gravel and earth laid out, forming desired route. Repeated, back and fourth.

Photographs by Gustaf Broms



Performed in the live event '5 Minutes of your Time', Test-bed 1, London

A dolly and myself, from Kent to London

Photographs by Yi-Jung Lee

Falling Board


Performed in the live event 'Work in Progress', London

Wooden board, carried and painted

Photographs by Nigel Rolfe

Rope Run C


One of three rope runs, presented as a live work.


Found material & objects.


Ongoing series, adapting and reoccurring in and around different spaces, events and situations.

Filmed by Ada Hao

Telegraph Pole


Telegraph Pole, a failed durational work.

Essentially now existing as a series of performed photographs. 



Existing as a photo sequence and/or low-res video captures a brief but inevitable descent down a hill of no particular interest.

Pot hole


The short video 'Pot hole' utilizes an exhausted road space. By exhausted I mean; 


A pot hole is truly exhausted in the sense they seem to serve nothing more than a potential threat. They are unwanted, the only value associated with them seem to be faith in solution from a community or individual.


Human routine is excercised however divorced from a 'usual' setting.

'Pot hole' (Preview)- 2015

Runtime: 00:01:27

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080


I would prefer not to 


'I would prefer not to',  is excercised through an oddity with in a Kent landscape.


A degree of task performing is carried out but with enevitable complications.

'I would prefer not to' (Preview)- 2015

Runtime: 00:00:56

Dimensions: 1280 x 720

Pond Dregs


'Pond Dregs' (Preview) - 2014

Runtime: 00:00:56

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

The exclusive duck pond located in Folkestone, Kent, lower Radnor Park, held tales of filth and tittle-tattle rumour, enough to warrant intrusion.


A simple excercising of rights are carried out according to what the pond (indirectly) has to offer.














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