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Matt Mahony-Page is a U.K. based artist, currently situated in South East, Kent & London. 

Often through methods of physical labour, the final actions or rather 'meeting points' between the artist, material and object are something strived for.

These meeting points result in dead-end exchanges which are often anticlimactic yet inevitable, carrying intended complications.


Rigged setups and primitive contraptions.

Usually demonstrated through absurd yet playful means, with an undertone of human ability, condition and suffering. This normally takes form in Live Performance but is also touched upon through video.





University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury 2011 – 2012


University for the Creative Arts, Farnham 2012 – 2015

Royal College of Art, London 2016 - 2018



Selected Shows:


Hoxton Arches Gallery, London - And the rest is rust and stardust, 2013


CASE, Farnham – Wunderkammer, 2013


Oxford House Gallery, London – Help Savages: A Fit of the Vapours, 2014


Linear Gallery, Farnham - Selected display of works, 2014


Georges House Gallery, Folkestone – Probably Not, 2014


Waverly Arms, Surrey – deconstruction, 2015


Farnham Campus, Surrey - Degree Show, 2015


Hotel Elephant, London - SUDA, 2015


James Hockey Gallery, Surrey - Selected Display of Graduates, 2015

My Space, Project Space, Dover - Selected Display, 2016

The Factory, Folkestone - Handover, 2017

The Factory, Folkestone - Meanwhile an Interim Exhibition, 2017

Royal College of Art, London - Work In Progress, 2017

Green Rooms, London - All I Have Never Seen, 2017

Doodle Bar, London - Test bed 1, Five Minutes of your Time, 2017

Frappant, Hamburg - NAKT UNPLUGGED, 2017 

Tierp bibliotek, Sweden - Performance Konst Tierp 2017

Tobo Performance konst i Tobo Folkan, Sweden 2017

Uppsala, Sweden - REVOLVE FESTIVAL, 2017

Performance Space, Folkestone - The Rising, 2017

The Brewery Tap, Folkestone - S P I T T I N G D I S T A N C E, 2017

Warrior Square, Hastings - Coastal Currents Arts Festival, 2017

The Square Gallery, London - HERE I AM THERE YOU ARE | Art Licks | 2017

Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland - BREATHING OUT BREATHING IN, 2017

Lychee One Gallery, London - FOLLOW, 2017

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London - I come in the end the best is over, 2017  


The Factory, Folkestone - GRAIN, 2018 


Royal College of Art, London - Live Part 1, 2018

Royal College of Art, London - Live Part 2, 2018


Doodle Bar, London - Test bed 1 - Another Five Minutes of your Time, 2018

Asylum and Maverick Projects, London - Beyond the BODY, 2018

Performance Space, Folkestone - Until Time is Through, 2018           

Vietorstraße, Cologne, Germany - Open Table#4, 2018

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham - Black Box Project Space, 2018

Brick and Mortar Projects, Folkestone -  it's cold are there heaters?

                                                         leave them be, we deserve it

                                                         oh                                     , 2018   


The Brewery Tap Project Space, BRICK AND MORTAR, Folkestone - Strange Love Festival, 2019

Ugly Duck, London - DISORDERS Vol. 3, 2019

No Nation Performance Festival Screening | Bogota | Columbia and Chicago | USA, 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia - rasasastra: beginnings | Video screening | 2020


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